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At just 24 years old, Dana Catherine's music and bold witness have led her to perform and speak at high schools, youth rallies, conferences and other diocesan youth events alongside nationally known speakers, including Leah Darrow, Dr. Scott Hahn, Mark Hart and Abby Johnson. She’s also played at numerous retreats, including those led by accomplished author and speaker, Father Jacques Philippe, and toured with well-known Christian artists, such as Phil Wickham ("This is Amazing Grace"), Micah Tyler ("Different") and Josh Wilson ("Pushing Back the Dark"). Dana has been featured on multiple occasions as a guest on SiriusXM, and her music can be heard on radio stations across the U.S., including Relevant Radio and Immaculate Heart Radio.

A skillful songwriter, blending captivating melodies with raw and honest lyrics, Dana has written every song on her debut album and those you’ll hear on her latest EP. In 2017, Dana completed her Indiegogo Crowdfunding Campaign to support the production of her second project, which surpassed its fundraising goal within the first two weeks. After jumping back in the studio, Dana and her label, Rekindle Records, recently released her latest EP, Nothing in the World, in April 2018! Featuring edgy and energized tracks like "365 Days" all the way down to acoustic, prayerful ballads like "I Will Follow," the new record captivates with a sound and lyrical quality all its own.



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Rekindle Records is pleased to announce our newest artist, Aly Aleigha.  

Folk-americana artist Aly Aleigha and her band released their first full-length album in September 2016, a year after Aly's debut EP "Jealous Love."  Starting as a ragtag group of musical friends playing local gigs, they have since been swept up in a whirlwind of recording "The Labyrinth" and traveling around the USA performing their music.  Inspirations for their sound include groups like The Head and The Heart, The Oh Hello's, Josh Garrels, and The Lumineers.  Shortly after their Album Release Show in September 2016, the band traveled to Paoli, PA to play at a music festival for over 3,000 people, where they received the "Emerging Artist Award" sponsored by Relevant Radio.  In August 2017 the band played at City on the Hill Music Festival among artists such as the Newsboys, Mercy Me, and Britt Nicole for a crowd of over 3500.  On January 24, 2018, Aly Aleigha signed with a record label - Rekindle Records located in Chicago, IL.  She is excited to continue to share her music and looks forward to working with Rekindle Records.  



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Growing up, Mathias Michael was immersed in music.  His father was a professional oboist and concert conductor in several U.S Army bands.  Because of his father's music profession, Mathias was constantly exposed to music of the highest caliber.  "My parents tell me stories about how I sensitive I was to music.  At a very young age, I would cry when I heard sad music, laugh when I heard a comical tune, and cringe when I heard a bad note.  It's always been kind of obvious that music is my passion," says Mathias.  Throughout his years in grade school, Mathias continued to cultivate this passion.  He spent his spare time learning new instruments, and by the time he entered high school he had learned to play piano, percussion, saxophone, and guitar.  While in high school, Mathias attended several church retreats and was exposed to the world of contemporary christian music.  He recollects, "Up until that time, I had listened to K-Love and ShineFM.  I knew the CCM scene existed, but it wasn't until I attended my first retreat that I truly appreciated all it had to offer.  Matt Maher was leading a worship at Mount Saint Mary's University at a retreat called Mount 2000. I had experienced praise and worship before, but this was something new.  The uplifting music from Matt really broke me open.  I was amazed by how much good music enhanced my experience with the Lord.  I thought to myself, 'I'd really enjoy doing that for others.'"  After this experience, Mathias grew tremendously in his faith.  He began to seek out opportunities to minister through music whenever possible.  By his senior year of high school, he had started writing his own music.  "I'm a writer by nature.  For as long as I can remember, I've kept journals.  So naturally, this carried over to my musical passion.  It was never forced.  My songs were always prayers," he explains.

In November of 2011, Mathias attended the National Catholic Youth Conference in Indianapolis, Indiana.  It was at this conference that Mathias won the first ever "Top Talent" competition sponsored by Heartbeat records.  The result?  Mathias was given the opportunity to record his very first album "I Believe."  "It was kind of a shock to me.  Up until the conference, I had never even considered the possibility of pursuing music as a career.  That all changed in 2011, and I have Heartbeat records to thank for that.  Even so, I had no clue what I was doing when I first started writing for the album.  I give a lot of credit to Sal Solo, my producer at the time.  He walked me through the recording process and mentored me during that crazy transition time.  Our aim was to make music that fit well in the youth retreat setting.  'I Believe' includes everything from silly jams to contemplative ballads.  There's a little something for everyone, and in retrospect, it really gave me an idea of what styles suited me best."

At the start of 2015, Mathias started a new chapter in his music career when he decided to become an independent artist.  As an independent artist, Mathias released the single "Song of Grace."  He says, "'Song of Grace' demonstrated my desire to create meaningful music that listeners can relate to."  Shortly after the this release, Mathias partnered with a brand new independent label, Rekindle Records, with whom he produced his latest album "Amplified."

Mathias continues to dedicate his life to writing and playing music that inspires others to grow in their relationship with the Lord.  He travels the country throughout the year playing concerts, and also providing music for retreats, rallies, conferences, and leading worship.  He currently resides Maryland.